• You have not run a fee comparison in the last year to determine whether the fees you and your participants are paying are reasonable.
  • You don’t know what questions to ask to determine if your fees are reasonable.
  • You don’t know the percentage of the mutual fund expense and other non-disclosed revenue that flows to the TPA in the form of revenue sharing.
  • You are unsatisfied with your current provider and unsure how to accurately compare other providers.
  • The term “fiduciary liability” appears in many publications you read. You do not feel confident that you clearly understand your fiduciary responsibilities and have a system in place to ensure you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.
  • You are concerned that your employees will not be prepared for retirement.
  • You are unsure of the level of knowledge and education your employees have of the plan.
  • You feel that not all of your employees understand the benefits of your plan and make an effort to maximize their contributions.
  • Your highly compensated employees like to contribute more to your plan, but are not able to because of testing issues.
  • You are tired of hearing brokers, advisors, insurance agents and bankers say they can help but only if you move the plan.
  • You need help managing your plan.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, we can help without necessarily moving your plan to another plan provider.

Contact us by calling 301-588-0514 or email We would like to learn more about your situation and see how we may help you.