We take an active role in the management oversight of the plan by advising you on regulatory changes, program enhancements, and investments due diligence on a quarterly or semi-quarterly basis.

We act as a catalyst for the success of your 401(k) plan program by:

  1. Reviewing documents
  2. Analyzing investments annually
  3. Drafting employee notices 
  4. Assisting individual participants
  5. Keeping sponsors abreast of legal, administrative and industry trends

Increase Participation

Without an intensive and ongoing employee communications process, even a well-designed 401(k) plan will not be successful. Through our communication services, you will increase participation, satisfaction, and understanding of asset allocation and risk tolerance. This service also helps plan sponsors to meet 404(c) requirements to provide adequate education about investing in the company’s 401(k) plan.  All plan participants receive:

  • Pre-Enrollment Memos & Announcements 
  • Onsite Group & Individual Enrollment Meetings
  • Investment Education Meetings
  • Participant Newsletters
  • Individual Financial Planning