The best way to purchase a product or service is to make sure you are well informed. The same holds true when making financial decisions, especially when building a portfolio.

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33 ways RFS helps you work toward your goals – This is a part of our value proposition to our clients.

Confidential_Questionnaire – The first step to financial planning is the take a snapshot of your current finances. Please download the profile and fill it out before our first meeting.

Gap Analysis Questionnaire – Comprehensive fact finder for financial planning that includes inputs for federal employees.

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R-Factor Questionnaire – Great exercise to help you determine what must happen in life to feel like you are making progress.

Blueprinting Exercise – Blueprinting guides you through the process of discovery and action planning. Once you complete it, you’ll have a personalized design to guide you through fulfilling all your dreams. Your enthusiasm and motivation will increase dramatically because you’ll now have a clear picture of your future — one you’ve designed to meet all your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

SOFA (Society for Financial Awareness) – I am the regional president of SOFA. Please contact me about our free financial workshops we provide in businesses, nonprofits, associations and churches.

SOFA Seminar Topic Details 8-2016  SOFA Places Weve Been List   SOFA Information Packet 4-2015

SOFA interview with Jim Chilton, founder of SOFA

Social Security Administration – This is a direct link to the Social Security official website.

Social Security Videos and Information – Western & Southern Financial Group has concise informative videos and other information on their website.

Asset-based LTC using life insurance – This video explains how hybrid permanent life insurance with long-term care riders may help you leverage your assets to address multiple scenarios.

SeniorAdvice – Great resource to research senior housing, assisted living and nursing facilities.